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Honest, Effective Representation In New York Family Law Matters

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Real-Life Experience Needs Real Law Experience

If you are facing a challenging custody problem or divorce, you already know it isn’t just a small legal problem. Nothing less than your entire future is hanging in the balance.
At Thorsen Law Offices, in New City, New York, we understand that. Our attorneys have a unique perspective on family law; we are in the business of protecting people’s future. That means fighting aggressively in court when necessary but also knowing when the better solution might be to find a cost-effective collaborative approach.

Our Practice Areas

New York Family Law

Child custody, other family court matters


Separation agreements, property division, spousal support

Collaborative Law

Mediation and alternative dispute resolution

Why Does Experience Make Such A Difference?

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Our attorneys have years of experience in courts in Rockland County and surrounding counties in the greater New York City area. From the moment we sit down to discuss your legal concerns, our focus is on building trust. The right outcome in any family law matter begins and ends with a strong attorney-client relationship. We’re proud of how hard we work to earn that trust, and we back up that trust with results. 

“Ask yourself what things in life you are willing to compromise on. Is your family’s welfare and your long-term financial security anywhere on that list? We didn’t think so. When you entrust life’s most important matters to a legal professional, you deserve to know that every detail will be thought through and done right, with only your best interests in mind.”

–  Eric O. Thorsen, Esq.

Excellence Isn’t Just A Slogan – It’s Our Commitment

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Let’s Start Building Trust By Talking

Wherever you are in the family law or divorce process, call us to discuss ways we can start earning your trust. We can be reached by calling our offices in New City at 845-638-2726 or by email using the contact form.