When people are divorcing after a relatively brief marriage, there is a tendency to oversimplify the process and underestimate the challenges ahead. People often assume that it will be easier or less costly than a divorce after decades together.

While this may be true in some respects, the fact is that every divorce – even those after a short marriage – have the potential to be complicated and contentious. Thus, if you are ending a brief marriage, avoid the following mistakes to keep your split as amicable and straightforward as possible.

Mistake #1: Navigating divorce alone

A marriage may have been short, but that does not mean the legal system works differently than it does in other situations. Parties still need to resolve divorce-related issues. They must divide property, address requests for spousal support and resolve any child-related matters.

These matters can be far more complicated than an individual may be prepared to handle on their own, which is why having support from legal and financial professionals can be crucial in securing a fair settlement.

Mistake #2: Acting solely on emotion

Ending a short marriage can make people feel embarrassed or angry at themselves and each other for not making the marriage work. Further, bitterness, guilt and shame stemming from infidelity or different types of misconduct can be present.

These and other emotions can cloud people’s judgment and impair their ability to think about what they want for life after divorce. As such, parties should not act solely on emotion. Instead, divorcing spouses should take logic, objective data and outside perspectives into account when making decisions.

Mistake #3: Rushing through the process

Divorce takes time, no matter how short a marriage may have been.

You must negotiate and reach decisions together or go to court for resolutions; you must draft agreements and file paperwork; you may need to consult outside parties on property division or child custody matters.

While simple, uncontested divorces may move much faster than complex, contested divorces, it is still crucial to take the process seriously and take the time to make informed decisions.

No matter how long a couple’s marriage may have been, ending it with a divorce can be an upsetting experience. These missteps can make matters worse, so it is important to make every effort to avoid them.