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Resolving Divorce Issues Through Collaborative Law

The divorce process does not always have to involve a contentious, bruising legal battle in court. Alternative methods of dispute resolution, such as collaborative law and mediation, can be an efficient means of resolving divorce issues when couples are still able to communicate with one another. At Thorsen Law Offices, our attorneys can help determine whether this process might be the right option for your situation.

Reaching An Agreement On Your Terms

The collaborative divorce process involves both parties and their lawyers meeting with one another in an effort to resolve all divorce-related issues in a calm, respectful manner. This process allows couples to avoid the adversarial process that plays out in court and to reach an agreement that both parties can endorse.

Resolving Disputes Through Mediation

Mediation is similar to the collaborative divorce process with the addition of a neutral, third-party mediator who can help keep things on track and help divorcing couples resolve their differences. This can be a useful option for couples who may not be in immediate agreement on some of the issues that must be resolved as part of their divorce decree.

Contact Us To Find Out If This Is An Option For You

Both collaborative divorce and mediation are often less costly and less time-consuming than traditional divorce proceedings. To learn more and to find out if this might be the right option for your situation, call our law offices in New City, New York, at 845-638-2726. You may also contact us online.