Spousal Support & Child Support Issues
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Resolving Issues Related To Support Orders

Spousal support, also known as alimony, is a common issue in divorce proceedings, especially in cases where one spouse has spent a significant portion of the marriage attending to the home. Spousal support is designed to provide financial relief for one party who may not have the means to independently support himself or herself. Whether you are requesting alimony or are being asked to make payments, the attorneys at Thorsen Law Offices are here to help assert and protect your interests.

Factors Used To Determine Alimony Amounts

Unlike cases involving child support, there are no clear guidelines in place to help determine spousal support amounts. A number of different factors must be considered when making an alimony determination, including:

  • The length of the marriage
  • Homemaking contributions
  • The earning potential of both parties
  • Age, physical health and ability

Spousal support can take a number of different forms. In some cases, payments will be permanent and will only end upon the death or remarriage of the recipient. In other cases, alimony may be ordered to provide one spouse with job training or education and will end when the recipient is able to support himself or herself. In other cases, a temporary award of alimony may be granted if the divorce process creates an undue financial burden for one party.

Modifying Spousal Maintenance

In most cases, it may be possible to modify an award for spousal support or maintenance if one party has experienced a substantial change in circumstances, such as the loss of a job or remarriage. Our lawyers can help protect your interests whether you are seeking a modification or wish to challenge a request for modification.

Child Support

Under New York state law, non-custodial parents may be obligated to pay child support to provide financial assistance for the raising of the child. This child support obligation must be met, even in the event the custodial parent withdraws visitation rights without a court order. Likewise, custodial parents do not have the right to withhold court-ordered parental or visitation rights based on late or non-receipt of child support payments.

If child support is an issue for your family, do not try to handle the matter on your own. Informal agreements between you and your ex-spouse will not hold up in court. Let us help you get the remedy you need through the legal system.


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